Foundation/School Regulations

  1. Being obliged to be present 30 minutes earlier before working time.
  2. Being obliged to scan finger for attendance either when arriving or when leaving.
  3. Carrying out duty with SMART (smile, attractive, enthusiastic, kind and responsive).
  4. Having high sense of solidarity and sociability towards peer POS human resources in positive things to enhance work outcome.
  5. Being obliged to communicate with peer POS human resources in English or Mandarin in the school compound.
  6. Being obliged to switch off the mobile phone during the working hours.
  7. Being obliged to be proactive in prohibiting and responsive to any activity, game, or action that may cause danger or accident and that may spoil the comfort in the school compound.
  8. Being obliged to wear the uniform and personal equipment according to the prevailing stipulation, and in case there is an employee with incomplete equipment, the person concerned is not allowed to carry out his/her duties.
  9. Being obedient and faithful to his/her superior’s order in carrying out the duties.
  10. Trying to create a conducive and enthusiastic   working atmosphere in pushing the mutual work ethic.
  11. Keeping and maintaining every set of school inventory.
  12. Using polite and courteous language in communicating with the students, visitors and fellow employees of POS.
  13. Prioritising persuasive measures in solving a problem.
  14. Being responsive to the occurrence around (cleaning-service, security, parking attendant, teachers, academic staff and students).
  15. Always being on patrol according to the position or duties assigned routinely so as to minimize unexpected happenings.
  16. Obeying/following the guidelines or instructions given by direct superior or higher superior having the authority to give the guidelines or instructions.
  17. Taking care of as well as maintaining properly everything belonging to the Foundation and report immediately to the Direct Superior or higher superior in case of identifying  things that may cause danger or loss to the Foundation or school where you work.
  18. Keeping and holding strongly the foundation/school secret towards anybody concerning something known about the foundation/school where you work.
  19. Reporting and giving evidences to relevant management  in case there are changes about one’s status, family structure, address and promotion of the last education (degree).
  20. Checking all of the equipment entrusted to start and finish one’s duties so that it will not cause any shortcoming/damage/danger that will disturb or harm the foundation/school.
  21. Reporting to the direct superior or 2 days later in case of no responses then forwarding the report to the higher superior in case there are findings that endanger, harm, deteriorate the quality of education aimed at by the school/foundation, the report should be made in writing and the person concerned must be responsible for his/her report.
  22. Being appropriate  in attitude and behaviour, namely:
    - taking care of body cleanliness, hair, moustache and beard should be neatly  cut.
    - the cloth should be cleaned and according to the prevailing dress code
  23. Acting firmly, honestly, bravely, fairly and wisely.
  24. Holding an authoritative bearing and constantly showing respectful attitude, smiling and greeting in carrying out duties.
  25. Giving helpful guidelines and instructions according to the needs of visitors with reference to the prevailing stipulations.
  26. Organizing routine coordination with fellow employees concerning the security and orderlnes in the school compound.
  27. Being obliged to keep and maintain cleanliness and beauty of the working place and surroundings or school.


  1. It is prohibited to receive/ask for a gift (money) from visitors or students
  2. To eat and sit around in the working place not in the proper time
  3. To go home to have a rest  during the working hours
  4. To smoke during the working time
  5. To get out of the school compound without permission  during the working hours
  6. To gather and chat with fellow employees or other people not related to job while on duty
  7. To lie down or sleep when on duty
  8. To sit around, rest/eat in the classroom/office during the working hours
  9. Not to wear school uniform on workdays
  10. Putting down personal belongings in whatever form in the working place
  11. It is prohibited to drink liquor, to get drunk in the working place, to bring/keep and abuse narcotic substances to do any kind of gambling, and to quarrel /fight with fellow employees/management in the school compound
  12. It is prohibited to commit immoral deeds and indecent norms
  13. To commit theft and violations
  14. To intimidate and persecute fellow employees and their families
  15. To damage intentionally or carelessly the property of school /foundation
  16. To give false information
  17. To become a private teacher out of the school compound to POS students