Quality Policy of POS

  1. POS is committed to eliminating ignorance, illiteracy and to providing the facilities to access knowledge by implementing modern and competency-based teaching methodology.
  2. POS develops both National and International standards of communication competency to ensure the accurate deliverance of meaning in written and spoken language to avoid misinterpretation.
  3. POS positions teachers who continuously guide their students so as to build constructive relationships among them leading to empathy and sympathy.
  4. POS sets the life standards and harmony necessary for the students physical, mental, spiritual and moral development.
  5. POS enhances understanding, tolerance and friendship in a school which is multi ethnic, multi racial and varies in social status.
  6. POS is concerned with and leads to character building, awareness and respect for human rights.
  7. POS is committed to developing compassion, laughter, good attitude, giving shelter and a peaceful mind as well as broadening horizons.
  8. POS will keep teaching wisdom and humanity and devoting itself to humanity with its quality education.
  9. POS is committed to applying quality management system which is improved continuously for the betterment of education for all PrimeOne School human resources as well as human being in general.