Main Targets

Prime Education means PrimeOne School is committed to the provision of educational infrastructure and facilities which are standard, complete, on the basis of technology, qualitative and balanced with the availability of multimedia, learning media, laboratories and library. Every student is provided with the ratio of over three square metres of sport field and playing grund so that the development of students lining with their age is not impeded, as well as other supporting facilities to fulfill the potential learning and teaching needs for POS human resources.

Upgrading the competence of teachers and administrators as well as the learning resources becomes the main focus so that POS human resources produced are in accordance with POS vision and mission.

POS believes that every student has a different and unique potential which must be developed to build a brilliant future for themselves, family, society and country.

PrimeOne School believes that POS human resources are able to build an elegant attitude, positive and logical thinking as consistent reflections of the culture cultivated, hence they create the meaningful, qualitative and elegant life.