Admission Policies

Registration & Interview
- Selection is on "First come first served" basis
- Students will be accepted to the school once they have fulfilled all the academic and administrative requirements, and payment confirmation has been received by Finance Department.
- Enrolment assessment requirements: Written Assessment (English, Mandarin, and Mathematics).
- Interview is conducted in English.

Fetcher (driver/maid/nanny/baby sitter/parents) - One fetcher must submit 2 (two) pieces of color photos 2 cm x 3 cm for the Security Pass. Take your Security Pass through Student Consultant staff when you take books & uniform. The Fetcher should show his/her "Security Pass" when he/she fetches the student.
- Maid/Nanny/Baby Sitter/Parents are only allowed to be in the classroom for 1 week (Baby Class and Playgroup), 3 days (K1 and K2) at the beginning of the school year.
- Cars are parked outside the school building.
- Only cars with complete stickers may enter school to send and fetch student. You can get the stickers at Student Consultant department.

Orientation Day, Books and Uniform
- Orientation Schedule will be informed by Student Consultant.
- Book and uniform will be distributed during orientation day. Proof of receipt must be obtained during the procedures and should be kept well.
- Lunch is provided for Elementary-Senior High School.

School Year
- Learning Schedule:


School Hours

Baby Class

09.00 am – 11.30 am


08.30 am – 11.30 am


08.30 am – 12.00 pm

Elementary 1 - 3

08.30 am – 14.15 pm

Elementary 4 - 6
Junior High 1 - 2

08.30 am – 15.00 pm

Junior High 3
Senior High 1 - 2

08.30 am – 15.45 pm

- Students must come 15 minutes before bell rings.

Bus Service
- Students must come by themselves on the first day and will be sent home by school bus later.
- Inform Student Consultant the latest 1 week before the end of each month to start the bus service or stop. Fill the form before the 22nd of each month.

- Payment is non – refundable.
- School fee must be paid the latest on the 8th of every month. There will be a fine for every lateness: Rp.10.000,-/week
- School fee paid 6 months-11 months in advance will be given discount as much as 2,5% and school fee paid more than 12 months in advance will be given discount as much as 6% under the condition that it is paid before 7th of the month.
- edia fee is paid every December and June at the latest on the 8th.There will be a fine for lateness: Rp.10.000,-/week

There will be remedial for students who are quite weak in the school subjects. Parents will be informed if students need to take this class. There is no charge for this class ( Pre-School - Senior High)

English as Second Language Class (for Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior High & Senior High)
There will be an ESL class for students who are quite weak in English. It is a "MUST" to take this class. It is a 30 – minute class. Parents will be informed if students need to take this class and will be evaluated every 3 months.

Students with one month absence without notice will be considered to stop. Thus, Re-registration should be carried out after.