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What Do You Know about Food & Beverages Industry?

7 Maret 2019

On Tuesday, February 26th 2019, POS invited a special guest who has a background in food & beverages industry.

 Her name is Carrese Carrari. The event started with greeting and praying as one of POS cultures. 

Caresse started her talk by giving a brief self introduction. She is one of the owners of The Three Carrari café. She has been running the cafe with her brothers for 2 years now. With so much enthusiasm, she shared her knowledge and experiences before finally deciding to open a café. She also encouraged our students to choose their pathway carefully as it will affect their future. In addition, she gave the students the tips: if you want to take part in food and beverages industry, you should never give up in facing difficult situations. Remember that customer is always the king.

At the end of the session, the students showed admiration and gratitude for the speaker as well as for her presentation. We do hope that by having a guest speaker, we can help students develop a better understanding of F & B industry. Moreover, It can foster new skills namely marketing and self development.

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