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The 9th Farewell and Graduation Ceremony PrimeOne School 2018/2019

19 Juni 2019

The academic year 2018 – 2019 proved the consistent existence of PrimeOne School to take part in educating the Primeschoolers to have a balanced and harmonious IQ, EQ and SQ. Located in UCSN hall last Saturday June 15th 2019, PrimeOne School once again held a Farewell and Graduation Ceremony for the academic year 2018-2019 to celebrate the success of Primeschoolers who have been promoted to the next levels. Here are the numbers of students who graduated

Kindergarten   : 95 students

Elementary      : 157 students

Junior High     : 157 students

Senior High     : 124 students

Attended by the Boards of PrimeOne School Foundation, the ceremony was opened with a prayer, followed by Indonesia Raya and PrimeOne School Anthems. Wearing the traditional attire for Kindergarten – Junior High students and Toga for Senior High students, everybody solemnly participated in every stage of the event.

Mr. Amrin Susilo Halim, thanked and congratulated all the happy Primeschoolers and expressed his sincere gratitude to all parents who have entrusted their children to study at PrimeOne School. He also emphasized that PrimeOne School would always be consistent to provide quality education and continue growing and aiming higher to produce Primeschoolers with good IQ, EQ and SQ. Lastly, Dr. Fauziah Khairani Lubis, M.Hum, PrimeOne School Academic Director, also congratulated all of the graduates who will soon pursue their higher studies and reminded all of them to uphold the good name of PrimeOne School wherever they go.

PrimeOne School also awarded the best Primeschoolers from each level: Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior and Senior High with Best of the Best Students Award. The awardees deserve to join overseas Cultural Study Tour to Cambodia.

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