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Open Little Eye

25 September 2019

Through OLE, Open Little Eye, a program which empowers senior students to share their skills and knowledge on Science, Technology or Social issues to their juniors, PrimeOne is trying to provide a hands-on learning experience to Kindergarten students to find out their interest and potentials. OLE promotes student-led teaching which has long been regarded as a useful ancillary educational method. It is also a valuable tool in the development of aspects of professionalism in student tutors and contributes to a sense of community within the student body. On September 25th 2019, a few senior high students welcomed kindergarten students from PrimeOne School North building to have a glance at Science Laboratory; Physics, Biology and Chemistry.


After introducing themselves, the senior students introduced and explained the laboratory equipments to the K students. Then the students were given 2 – 3 minutes to do observe each item to ready them for a quiz. In another lab room, two senior students demonstrated how to make a banana foster. They fisrt explained the ingredients such as: banana, brown sugar, rum, unsalted butter, pancake dough and ice cream and the steps how to cook it. During the cooking process, the K2 students were excited to see the flame when rum met boiled brown sugar.


Before calling it a day, every K2 student enjoyed tasting the banana foster. It was a cheerful and fruitful moment. Then they all went back to their class. Save the date for the next OLE! 


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