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Mandarin Festival at PrimeOne School

13 September 2019

Mandarin Festival at PrimeOne School

UCSN hall on September 13th 2019 was full of Primeschoolers from junior and senior high department. Most of them put on colorful attire dominated by red. In front of the stage, there were three judges sitting on the couch. Some Chinese attributes were displayed on the stage. It was the moment seen a few minutes before the Mandarin Festival 2019 began. Mandarin atmosphere was everywhere.


This annual celebration is conducted to echo Mandarin and change students’ mindset saying that Mandarin is boring and difficult. Therefore, PrimeOne School promotes the good use of English and Mandarin during school hours.


This year celebration was packed with a set of competition such as tongue twister and Mandarin singing competition. Junior high students competed in pronouncing mandarin vocabulary, tongue twisters which students found it complicated and tricky. Meanwhile senior high students were showing their best in Mandarin song and performances such as fan dance, wushu, guzheng and drama.


On the closing, MC thanked everyone who had made this event possible. What the students had performed deserved an appreciation regardless winning or losing the competition. Well-done and good job students! See you next year with more exciting games and performances.

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