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A Lesson to Bring Home

30 September 2019

Warm Sunshine showered the Junior High students when they were lining up before getting on the bus. They couldn’t wait any longer to plunge themselves into a series of activities set by the event organiser. That was the view on August 10th, 2019 when 150 7th graders had a one-day outbound at Kampung Ladang Pancur Batu.  The buses left the parking area around 8.15 a.m and it took about one hour to get there. 

Upon arrival, the students were warmly welcomed by the organizing team members who had prepared welcoming drink and dynamic games. All the games served sent a message to the students that learning process is not merely in the class. Nature also helps provide another opportunity to experience a lesson about attitude and moral. After a one-hour jungle trekking, the students had short break and delicious lunch. Then they continued competing in different kinds of games. The students who were divided into 4 groups had to work in team and strive to win the games which need teamwork and tolerance.

At 5.30 the buses were already on the way back to PrimeOne School. Tired but contented, the students had a nice story to share to their friends or family about the outbound. They surely learn to value teamwork, perseverance, tolerance and discipline.

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